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3 Best Hair Dyes for Dreadlocks (you’ll love the color)

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Normal dreads look cool, but blonde or pink locks look awesome! Nowadays, more and more people are thinking of bleaching their locs into other colors instead of just keeping the normal color.

However, since dreadlocks require a little more special care than naturally straight hair, dying and maintaining the dreads’ colors has been a big topic for the dreadlocks people.

Look no further, this article will discuss these common concerns: the effects of dyes on dreads, a how-to guide to dye your dreadlocks by yourself, and the best dyes for dreads.

Can Dreadlocks Be Dyed?

Natural hair can be dyed, and so can dreads! The coloring process is similar to what we do for loose hair but requires a little more attention and care.

Before deciding to proceed with the bleaching, ask yourself these questions:

Are dreads strong enough for the dying?

If your locs are in the Budding or Teenage phases onwards, it’s okay to get them colored since they are firm enough for any actions.

If your locs are still baby, you might need to wait for a little more.

Do you commit to the maintenance process after dying?

Maintaining colored dreadlocks might take you more time, effort, and money for maintaining their color, shine, and moisture.

Do you want permanent or temporary dye for your dreadlocks?

If your need is just to have unique hair for a party or a vacation, you can consider using temporary dyes instead.

If not, you might need to consider the pros and cons of having a permanent dye on your dreads.

How Long Does Dye Last in Dreads?

Different types of dyes can last a shorter or longer time on your dreads.

Chemical dyes such as hydrogen peroxide or commercial dyes create permanent color to your hair.

It means that: Although the color might fade after several washes, the color will be on your hair until you cut the colored hair part off.

If you use natural colors (the homemade colors from cinnamon, chamomile, henna, lemon juice, jello, food coloring, and so on), the color will be kept on your hair for about one to two weeks. The color will easily fade after some washes. 

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Does Dying Your Dreads Damage Them?

It does. The chemicals will weaken the hair cuticles in order to strip the natural color of your dreads.

Whether you use natural methods and items or commercial ones, your locs will be drier than usual. That’s when you need to put a little more care into hydrating and moisturizing them.

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How Can I Dye My Dreads at Home?

You can consider following these simple steps as you do for your loose hair in order to color your locs:

  • Step 1: Separate your locs into sections for easy control and working on.
  • Step 2: Mix well the provided color powder/liquid in the dying kit (for commercial dyes) and use a brush to apply the mix on your dreads thoroughly. Remember to wear gloves and cover your clothes so that bleach or dyes don’t cause a mess on your clothes.
  • Step 3: Sit for about 30 – 45 minutes for the color “pop” properly.
  • Step 4: Rinse your hair well and apply moisturizers to your hair. 
  • Step 5: It is important to keep your dreads moisturized when coloring them. Look for hair dyes that don’t dry the hair as this will mess up your dreads. We recommend using the Garnier Nutrisse hair color for your locs. Regardless of how good the hair dye is, make sure to apply extra moisture to your dreadlocks.

What are the Best Dyes for Dreadlocks?

If you have dark hair, you can seek the help of hydrogen peroxide to lighten hair as it is safe for use on your hair and scalp.

However, remember to cover your skin so that there are no stains on your skin. The reason is that peroxide might cause itchy and irritation to your skin.

There are other natural options to choose from with different light colors. You only need to apply the liquid to your hair with a spray bottle, then sit under the sun for the colors “pop”:

  • Henna: nuts brown color
  • Lime or chamomile: blonde color
  • Cinnamon: chocolate color

For making your hair darker, you might need to look for commercial black hair dye products. Commercial dyes are various in terms of colors so it will be an ideal option for those who prefer unique colors.

In Short

For short-term use, you can also consider having colored synthetic locs/or colored hair extensions instead of the dyes. Synthetic locs are pretty easy to install and you can take them off whenever you don’t feel like that color anymore.

Let us know which option you want to proceed with in the comment section below.

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