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8 Work Appropriate Hair Colors To Wear In Your Office

You might get bored with your hair and bump up right into a hair salon.

In front of you, there is a hair color chart with plenty of vivid colors that you’re extremely excited to try a new outlook, which can do for your mood and give you a bit of confidence boost. But there is something that’s holding you back is what your boss would say.

In general, your hair color could define the way your boss and colleagues perceive you at the workplace, which is obviously dependent on company culture too. So in this article, we are going to look at 8 different hair colors that are generally acceptable for an office job.

8 Hair Colors That are Acceptable for Work

Hair Color
Pick a Color to wear at your workplace


brunet hair color

Brunettes are often perceived as grounded and stable. Any hue of natural brown looks professional and serious at the workplace.

Note: If choosing this color, you need to use a blue shampoo to avoid brassiness.


blond hair color

Natural blond colors are perfectly appropriate for any job. But anything dramatic, like bleach-blond, shocking highlights, or contrasting lowlights might be frowned upon by some employers and HR sticklers.

According to ELLE, experts say blonde women are seen as more fun and loose than women with brown hair. Thankfully, this bias has faded in recent years, and blondes are taken just as seriously as the next gal (as they should be!).



red hair color

Redheads tend to stand out, which can cause people to view them as bold, fanatical, passionate, and sweet.

According to ELLE, dyeing red hair is a trend in fashion. Bogart recommends it in the workplace, as it makes you appear strong and goal-oriented.

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black hair color

Black is another natural and common hair color that’s work appropriate.

If you have a fair complexion and dyed black hair, it may look bolder, edgier, and less conservative than expected in the typical office setting.



gray hair color

Women with gray hair can be perceived as being independent thinkers comfortable in their own skin. However, age discrimination can be a thing. Many women in the workplace still feel pressured to appear young and attractive.

People tend to perceive men with gray hair as wiser and more experienced while graying women are more likely perceived as old. That’s the reason why women usually try to hide their gray hair.

But don’t let that stop you from embracing your grays—many of today’s most powerful women have gray hair.


Mushroom brown

Mushroom Brown Hair Color
Mushroom Brown is ideal hair color for work (Source: lorealparisusa)

Mauve, mushroom brown hair has been trending since 2018,  no surprise since it’s a low-maintenance style that looks incredibly natural.

Pink/purple highlights

Liven up dark hair by weaving in some colored highlights, but on a dark base, so it’s not too obvious.

Peekaboo Hairstyle is also a good idea.

Copper bronde

copper bronde hair color

This shade is going to make you stand out for all the right reasons—it’s more striking than brown, but unquestionably subtler than red. The ideal of both worlds can be achieved by combining the greatest qualities of bronde with copper undertones. Bronde is the ideal blend of blonde and brown.

Classic balayage

Classic balayage Hair Color

This style of concentrating color near the ends and sweeping the color towards the crown of the head creates a soft, natural look that doesn’t look half bad when it grows out.

Smoky grey ombre with shadow roots

Go for a lovely ombre or colormelt on your grey hair, like this one, but make sure your roots are darker or more similar to your natural color to minimize the appearance of regrowth.

Ash violet

This hair color, which is quite popular in Korea, is both striking and delicate. Additionally, the ash purple tone helps prevent brassiness that results from bleaching hair, which helps you keep the color on your dark hair for a longer period of time.

With this color, you also need to tone balayage regularly.

After all, in fact, no hair color is truly unprofessional. Let’s pay attention to your work environment, your customers and choose a suitable dye color.

What hairstyles are acceptable for work?

Regards to the hairstyles that you might wonder too, your hairstyle is as crucial as its color to transform your outlook at work.

There are lots of easy hairstyles you can try which are suitable to any face shape, whether you have medium-length hair, pixie cut, fine hair, or any other hair type.

These are also appropriate work hairstyles that can transform seamlessly into casual night looks

Ponytail with a Twist

Ponytail hairstyle
Ponytail hairstyle (Source: blowltd.com)

It’s time to add some oomph to your boring ponytail hairstyle by adding a twist to it.

Get this hairstyle by dividing your ponytail into two sections. Twist one section and wrap around the other section to create this casually twisted ponytail.

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Top Knot

This top knot hairstyle is a must-try. It’s sometimes called the “let’s get things done” updo.

This is perfect to wear if you’re going to deal with bossy clients or when you feel the day is going to be a bit rough.

While this is one of the quick hairstyles for long hair, it’s also awesome for those with medium hair or those with curls.

Low Knot

If you think the top knot is a bit too regal a hairstyle for office work, then perhaps the low knot is your best bet. It’s one of the easiest updos and also the most flexible.

You can wear this on either side or at the center and go polished or messy too. Go with your mood!

Knotted Ponytail

Do you want a different look to your ponytail? This might be the answer.

It’s a cross between braid and ponytail wherein the former doesn’t have to be complicated. It works well with many different hair lengths too.

The hair was knotted several times. If you’re really in a hurry, one to two knots will suffice.

Half Braid

What makes half braids attractive is their elegant and charming look. This style will make you feel real dainty. Also, you can pair them best with skirts and gorgeous tops.

Wavy Bob

This is one of the best hairstyles for short hair and one of the easiest and most natural hairstyles for work.

The bob makes it very easy to maintain while its waviness gives it a more updated look.

In other words, it makes you look youthful! If you have a curling iron, you can skip going to the salon to achieve this hair.

High Ponytail

High ponytail hairstyle
High ponytail hairstyle (Source: Trendy Lady)

A high ponytail is recommended for women with thin or less-volume hair.

If you have a beautiful jawline or cheekbone structure, or a heart-shaped face, wear this to flaunt it. You can tease or pouf the hair at the top if you want to create the illusion of volume.

Messy Bun

Have you been avoiding the bun? Usually, it takes too long, but this practical tutorial will help you get it done right and quickly in less than three minutes.

Go on and try this messy bun for yourself with an awesome hair tie or an elastic band. A messy bun never goes out of style!

Swept Braid

The swept braid is a simple hairstyle you can make in less than five minutes.

We find this even easier than the traditional French braid since you have better reach and dexterity of your hands when your hair is on the side.

You can complete this look with side-swept bangs for a more edgy look.


We would say that the first impression is everything in the workplace. Your hair color and hairstyle could help or hurt in a job interview, or when a promotion comes up at your current job.

So we hope that you will find a suitable hairstyle and its color for you, as it can boost your confidence and appearance, and simultaneously remain professional in your office.



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