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What Does Texturizing Hair Mean?

Nowadays, it is not difficult to deal with blunt, long hanging strands.

Through social media feeds, texturized heads of hair appear overwhelmingly favorable to our search.

It could be said that each of us wants the layered and shaggy haircut that our favorite celebrities wear.

However, you need to equip the knowledge and everything you need to know about texturizing to keep your hair healthy and beautiful.

In this article, we will help you answer the question of whether styling is harmful to your hair? How long should your hair texturize and how is it different from thinning?

What does texturizing do to hair?

Texturizer is a way to loosen curls to a certain extent without straightening them.

Unlike a relaxer, texturizers have a function that helps release the tight curls into waves and make it easier to comb your hair.

Our hair is made up of amino acids, which lend it its curliness. So when using a texturizer, the hydrogen bonds in the amino acid are broken down and result in looser curls.

Texturized Hair – Before And After
Texturized Hair – Before And After

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Is texturizing hair bad?

Compared with relaxers, texturizers can be slightly less damaging to the hair as the chemicals only stay in the hair for a shorter period of time.

In particular, texturizers allow you to keep the natural curl pattern in a looser form. What’s more, for some hair textures, this can create bouncy curls while others may get beautiful waves.

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Is texturizing hair the same as thinning?

Texturizing and thinning are two techniques that both use the same tools and provide a unique look, but they are not the same because they create two very different and different looks.

Texturizing and Thinning Hair
Texturizing vs Thinning Hair (Source: Shutterstock)

Textured hair usually has a wispy appearance with choppy, shaggy, or feathered layers and has more body than hair that has been blunt-cut with shears.

Meanwhile, thinning hair is thinner, flatter, and easier to control.

How long does texturized hair last?

If you have naturally curly hair and want to apply a texturizer to your hair, then you should be aware of the time required to hold it and bring satisfaction to that hairstyle even though it loose curls or big waves.

Before you texturize the entire head, you should do a patch test on a small section of hair to see how your hair reacts to the chemicals.

Experts suggest that you should only leave a texturizer on your hair for about 5 -10 minutes. During that time, the chemicals will help loosen the curls.

However, you must treat your hair’s new growth to loosen incoming curls as your hair grows.

How often should Texturize my hair?

A texturizer is one of the relatively quick ways to help you achieve frizz-free curls.

With pretty chill upkeep, you only need to touchups every two to three months.

It is also important to note that texturizers are still chemical treatments, so it can cause hair breakage if they aren’t applied correctly or cared for after immediately.

Can I Texturize my hair twice?

For women, the need to beautify requires us to change and renew ourselves completely and every day, especially the hair.

If you no longer want to commit to a texturizer, you need to cut off the treated hair or wait for new hair to grow in.

In addition, you are advised not to overdo it but to do it at least two weeks before fixing and when you do.

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