Trendy Kpop Hairstyles - The Korean Wave Is Here

The Kpop hairstyle is the two-block haircut characterized by short hair, shaved sides, and bangs. The two-block hairstyle has been made known by Koreans, as K-pop idols sport them in curls, straight hair, mohawk, and layers.

People of any face shape and hair type can wear different Korean hairstyles for men as they can be easily styled to complement you.

It’s easy to recreate; you only need to wash your hair, trim the top and back, shave the sides, and wrap up with unique styling.

The first Korean hairstyle is classic Asian hair with a wavy texture, dark roots, and lighter tips. This Korean men’s style is a trendy look that never goes out of style.

Kpop Hairstyles (Male)


Kpop Hairstyles (Female)

When you say female Kpop hairstyles, nothing beats THE Jennie Kim of Blackpink in the long list of beautiful and stylish cuts with her mid-part, some split dye at the front, and the rest in black or brown hair.


Kpop Hairstyle for Short Hair

A Kpop idol can surely ace every long or short-length hairstyle for men, similar to what BTS Jimin is wearing in the image. This haircut is another Asian classic characterized by full bangs and equally trimmed round short hair.


Kpop Layered Haircut for Men

This haircut is a K-pop industry staple as it gives a youthful glow and some edgy vibes because of the layers. To make the texture and volume more apparent, hair colors, such as brown, will be an excellent addition to the look.


Kpop Layered Haircut for Women

In this image, Jennie has long hair consisting of short to medium-length layers that gracefully wave toward her face rather than fly away. These hair dynamics result from having a professional stylist create your layers.


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