Trendy Korean Shoulder-Length Hair Ideas

We’ve compiled the different easy-to-recreate chic shoulder-length Korean hair trends for your face shape that you can sport anytime and anywhere!

The Korean wave, or Hallyu, is celebrated throughout the globe through Korean dramas (K-drama) and popular Korean music (K-pop).

Many fans now recreate how they dance, dress, practice skin care, and how they style their hair in loose curls, straight locks, hair layers, bangs, and colorful hues. Learn about the different Korean hair trends for women listed in this story and get into the Hallyu spirit.

A round-shaped face does not have many angles on one’s features, making you look young for your age. So, loose waves hairstyles are essential to creating an illusion of texture to elevate a look and make you stand out.

Loose waves


Side fringes are cropped front hair swept to either the right or left side of your face, depending on which side gives you your angle and which side offers better framing.

Side swept bangs


The key feature that makes this trendy Korean hairstyle an ultimate cop among rounded faces is the layers that shape the face, creating sharper angles and additional texture.

Wavy Bob


Blunt Bob

The blunt bob’s straightness will balance with your square-shaped face, reducing a bit of shape by highlighting the bob more.


Soft waves with curtain bangs

The second hairstyle you can try for your square-shaped face is this combination of soft waves and fringes. It softens the sharper visage of the squareness of your face.


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