10 Trendy Joe Burrow Haircut Styles That Are Easy to DIY

Joseph Lee Burrow is an American football quarterback, who grew up in Athens, Georgia. It’s not only his efficient passing in his football career that made him famous — it’s also his high-faded hairstyle known as the Joe Burrow haircut or styles.

Joe Burrow’s long and shorter hairstyles have been made known by the American football icon, Joe Burrow himself, as he sported these looks in every season of his career.

This hairstyle can be used by any hair type and length: short, wavy, straight, or long hair. Recreating this hairstyle is easy: begin by washing, drying, cutting, and styling!

The Joe Burrow haircut is called the suave fade with medium short hairstyle. It is defined by short hair on top with a little wave and shaved style for the rest of the head.

What is the Joe Burrow haircut name?

A fade haircut started when the military incorporated this in their general uniform styles. As time passed, it grew into a widely known hairstyle that speaks for cleanliness and low maintenance look for guys.

Practicing his passing skills has never looked this good with his high fade and side-swept hair. As we can see in the image, the back portion of Joe Burrow’s hair is also faded, and his only long hairstyle area is located at the crown area.

Joe Burrow Fade Haircut


Joe Burrow Haircut Super Bowl

His first appearance in the Super Bowl season LVI was memorable for Joe Burrow. But, what made it more noteworthy was his mid-parted and slightly flat top hair.


Joe Burrow Long Hair

Joe Burrow also sported long hair in 2019. To show his quarterback features, Joe Burrow’s long hair was defined by a middle and wavy hair-kind on the crown area.


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