Trendy German Haircut Styles for Men to Try Out

German haircuts are characterized by short-cutting, side parting, and swept-back front haircuts. These haircuts were worn in Germany primarily during the peak of WWII to comply with the strict military hair regulations.

German haircuts are reflected by intricate details of sections, clean lines, and a neat-looking vibe, mainly used during World War II.

Haircuts like these can be worn by all facial shapes, hair types, and lengths. Recreating these cuts is easy: wash, trim, and doll up using a styling gel!

This short hairstyle gives a formal and neat-looking aura with subtle side parting and short sides.

Short German Hairstyles for Men


German Hairstyles Men (Long)

His look is more of a busy person’s hair (as he is), with the curls flying everywhere. Yet, you can always style it using gel to achieve a more relaxed and clean look.


Modern German Men Hairstyles

Like Michael Fassbender, a German-born Irish actor, you can cop this wavy top, short sides, and bearded hairstyle.


Classic German Hairstyles for Men

A certified 100+ rating for this prim and proper German haircut is a must, similar to Heinz Rühmann’s film record, over 100 films in over six decades.


1940s German Haircuts Men

The 1940s German haircut bears similarities with the classic hairstyle, yet, they differ in the front presentation because the 1940s has a linear one.


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