Trendy 1 Year Old Baby Boy Haircuts

Cutting your baby boy’s hair is essential in hairstyling to let them feel comfortable and presentable, as the toddler stage entails being extra active and enthusiastic.

There are many 1 year old boy haircuts that you can choose from, including bangs, faux hawk, buzz cuts, crew cuts, mop tops, box braids, and fringes.

The baby boy cutting styles listed in this story are suited for any hair type, such as long, short, thin, thick, and curly hair.

A bold fade will make your baby boy look like a little man, and this hairstyle can be capped by little boys with thick hair, straight hair, short hair, long hair, thin hair, and even those with loose curls.

Fade 1-Year-Old Baby Boy Haircut


Thin Hair 1-Year-Old Baby Boy Hairstyle

For a baby boy with thinner hair, nothing’s a better match than shaving the sides and side-swept top hair, similar to the charming baby boy in the image.


1 Year Old Baby Boy Hairstyle with Black Hair

Having curly hair means one thing – braids! For your baby boy, there is nothing a pair of cornrows can’t do that will make your little boy ooze with charm and personality.


Long 1-Year-Old Baby Boy Hairstyle

When talking about a cool haircut, one thing that comes to mind is long spikes. This will not just be a good-looking style but will also make your little boys feel good as they are sporting baby boy haircuts similar to Shark Boy!


Asian 1-Year-Old Baby Boy Hairstyle

There is nothing more Asian than a bowl cut, cute haircuts like this emphasize the child’s eyes, nose, and lips as the full bangs cover the forehead. More importantly, it will match your little boys’ youthful glow.


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