Travis Kelce Hairstyle Guide: NFL Tight End Haircut

Travis Michael Kelce is one of the Kansas City Chiefs’ prized athletes, who averaged 78.7 receiving yards per game in the 2022 season. Aside from his athleticism, Travis Kelce’s hair is a showstopper for most football fans.

The Travis Kelce haircut is also known as a buzz cut, or crew cut with a disconnected undercut, which emphasizes the difference in length between the top and the rim parts.

It is suitable for any hair type and facial shape but best suited for people with Travis’s straight facial hair.

The Travis Kelce haircut is called the disconnected undercut because the undercut does not fade gradually.

What is the Travis Kelce haircut called?

Unlike traditional undercuts, Travis Kelce’s hairstyle emphasizes the presence of the undercut by making sure that the difference in the hair lengths is noticeable.

The top look on this list is the Travis Kelce fade or his signature disconnected undercut that he’s sported for years.

Travis Kelce Fade Haircut


Travis Kelce Buzz Fade

The next cut, his buzz cut with a fade, makes Travis look young and fresh. His buzz cut enhances his fit by taking off years from his appearance (the T-rex hoodie may also play a part in that).


Travis Kelce Beard Fade With a Crew Cut

Viewing it from the sides, the fade cut of his beard is a game-changing style because it’s a good look that’s modern, neat, and creative.


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