The 4 Trendy Lil Tjay Braids and Hairstyles You Can DIY

Lil Tjay is a famous American rapper who wore a unique braided hairstyle that was eventually called Lil Tjay braids.

The Lil Tjay hair is a combination of cornrows and box braids. The look is partially cornrowed and braided in horizontal rows.

The Lil Tjay braids work well with curly and textured hair. It’s a great low-maintenance hairstyle to protect hair from loss of moisture and breakage.

Lil Tjay’s unique hairstyle takes inspiration from a protective, braided hairdo. This style picks up a combination of cornrows and box braids.

What is the name of the Lil Tjay haircut?

For African communities, cornrows and box braids communicated one’s identity. Yet, for non-Black people, it’s been widely used as a fashion statement.

Lil Tjay’s braided hairdo is partially cornrowed. A portion of the braided hairstyle is sewn tight to the scalp, while the rest are loose braided ends. Twists and braids are alternately used in this hairstyle.

Lil Tjay Box Braids

Aside from doing basic three-strand Lil Tjay braids, you can also incorporate twists depending on your preference.

Lil Tjay Without Braids

You can still make your Lil Tjay braids stand out while having short hair. The solution to this is braiding hair extensions. You can add this to your short hair to add volume and length.

Lil Tjay Braids Short Hair

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