Stylish Haircuts for Round Faces Men

When you have a round face shape, it often follows that you’d also have a wide hairline, full cheekbones, and soft jawline angles, making you look young, vibrant, and friendly-looking.

Yet, there are times you’d want a haircut to make you look mature and appear sharper in formal and casual events.

To know what these easy and helpful haircuts for round faces are, we prepared this guide to help you and your barber achieve your desired look.

The gradual scoop of a drop fade starts by having a high and tight fade in the front side area, and it steadily scoops down in a mid fade to low fade at the back, forming a U-shape.

Drop Fade Haircut


Another best haircut that fits the roundness of your face shape and elevates the stylishness of your overall look is the pompadour. It works for both casual and formal settings.

Classic Pompadour Hairstyle


This is one of the modern hairstyles that makes a round face shape look slimmer because it limits the visibility of a wide hairline and adds volume through the fringes.

Curtain Hairstyle


Buzz Cut

Men with round faces can also sport a buzz cut provided the area near the hairline is shaved, giving you a masculine round face and more angular features.


Faux Hawk Style

You can bank on the faux hawk style paired with a cool gentleman beard if you want your round face hidden through a sharp-looking edgy haircut.


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