Soft Locs vs Butterfly Locs: Main Differences

Soft loc and butterfly loc is characterized by crocheted, knotted, and wrapped hairstyles.

Soft and butterfly locs can best fit any type of hair, yet soft locs are preferred in short and softer hair, while butterfly locs are often used with longer hair.

Soft and butterfly locs are easy to recreate; you must wash, dry, braid, crochet, knot, wrap, and style.

Soft locs live by their name: soft, free, and loose. Nonetheless, soft locs are part and parcel of a bigger style group – the faux locs.

What Are Soft Locs?

Butterfly locs are similar to softer locs in using the crochet method. Yet, butterfly locs differ in that softer locs are cleaner looking, while the principle in butterfly locs is: the messier, the better.

What Are Butterfly Locs?

First, they differ in visuals. Soft locs, in this case, bear these characteristics: – More neat-looking – Tight – Straight direction

Soft Locs vs Butterfly Locs – What Are the Differences?

On the other end, butterfly locs is more of the contrary of soft locs, as it leans more into the following features: – Modern messy trend – Loose and relaxed – Loopy

Next, they differ in the technique used to perfect them. Soft locs tend to be traditional, which means the usual dreads we see daily.

On this account, butterfly locs are more fitting in modern times, as they do not conform to the strictly neat-and-clean vibe, yet they still look presentable.

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