Shag Haircut for Men 

In 1971, Paul McGregor introduced the shag hairstyle to film-watchers as he styled Klute’s star, Jane Fonda, in her role as Bree Daniel.

The shag haircut is characterized by different layers of hair (short, long, medium length), which makes one’s hair volumized and texturized.

The shag haircut can suit all hair types and face shapes, but it most certainly befits individuals with wavy and curly hair and those with broad or wide foreheads.

If you have Afro-textured hair, you can surely do shaggy hairstyles similar to the image above. However, since your choppy layers will not be that clear and vivid because of your hair texture, you can always emphasize the shaggy hairstyle using a shaggy hairdo.

Shag Haircut Black Men


Short Shag Haircut Men

A short shag hairstyle will surely be a nice cherry-on-top for your overall look when you have short and wavy hair.


Long Shag Haircut Men

This long-hair shag hairstyle is very helpful if you want a classic shag hairstyle that screams volume and texture. As long as your stylists made the right layered haircut, it is still of lower maintenance, where you can expect lesser frizz.


70s Shag Haircut Men

Shag haircuts as hairstyles for men reflect the true meaning of a classic fashion statement. As stated earlier, it has been on the hairstyling market since the 70s. This timeless shaggy hair can vibe with any hair type and face shape across all ages.


Curly Shag Haircut Men

Although shaggy hairstyles for men can be for any hair type, it still is a perfect style for you who have curly strands.


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