R9 haircut – Why Did Ronaldo Get That Hair and What Is Its Name

Ronaldo Nazario or the Brazilian Ronaldo, is one of the most renowned players in football history. Ronaldo got the R9 haircut primarily to divert attention from his injury and shift the focus to his hairstyle instead.

The haircut is characterized by a shaved head at the back and a small tuft or arch in front. Many people consider it a buzzed cut with humorous modifications.

Fans and sports enthusiasts thought it would be the end of his reign. Yet, Ronaldo proved them wrong by returning strong and bagging the World Cup championship title for Brazil for the fifth time.

The R9 haircut was named after the nickname of the star striker, which was derived from his initials and jersey number.

Why is Ronaldo’s hairstyle called the R9 haircut?

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The haircut is also known as:

Unlike the classic R9 haircut, Martin Braithwaite changed his style and inverted the tuft on the front.

Soccer players who have adopted the R9 haircut Braithwaite R9 Haircut


Richarlison R9 Haircut

Richarlison also channeled his inner Brazilian Ronaldo by doing the hairstyle. It’s fairly similar to the classic version, yet its fringe is mostly uneven.


Neymar R9 Haircut

Neymar, the Brazilian soccer player, wore the R9 haircut during the 2011-2012 season while playing for Santos F.C. in Brazil.


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