Professional Marine Haircut Styles

The marine haircut, or a crew cut, is characterized by a clean cut, blended sides or shaved completely, and a short crown. Marines, military, and other soldiers use this hairstyle, mainly in uniform.

This low-maintenance marine style suits all hair types, lengths, and face shapes because this is a standardized style used as a grooming requisite.

Having standardized haircuts for men, like a marine haircut, provides uniformity among the armed forces, and uniformed marine haircuts can help with the comfort and accessibility of defensive headgear.

The marine haircut is called the crew cut, detailed by short hair length, high and tight short sides through shaving, and closely trimmed top hair.

What is the marine haircut called?

Overall, the variations of marine hairstyles consist of simple styles which are easy on the eyes and lighter for the head.

Marine haircuts are known for their manly faded style, if not completely shaved. It can be low, medium, or high and tight faded, which the image of a marine haircut above shows with a neat wave or locks.

Marine Fade Haircut


Low Fade Marine Haircut

Although a low fade works similarly to the high and tight ones, this low reg cut is more visually-pleasing because of these reasons: – Modern-looking skin fade is much more visible – More length at the top of the head – Gradual fade


Marine Horseshoe Haircut

This marine haircut takes the shape of a horseshoe, U-shaped style with a whole in the middle. It also has high and tight shaved sides (not fade) and flat hair on top.


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