Patrick Bateman Haircut

American Psycho protagonist, Patrick Bateman, portrayed by Christian Bale, has made his mark in the hearts of many, increasing in popularity over the years.

It’s not just his charisma that’s won people over, as this fictional character has become synonymous with the perfect hairstyle that people strive to copy.

It’s been associated with the pompadour created by Madame de Pompadour, but it rose to popularity when used as the staple style of American Psycho’s Patrick Bateman.

It is the slicked-back cut, which is characterized by the following hairstyle details: – Ear-length hair on the rims; – Neck-length hair at the back; and – Combed over longer hair at the top

What is the Patrick Bateman haircut called?

Patrick Bateman’s haircut is described as eye-catching, clean, and slick. The hairstyle perfectly complements his pristine physical appearance.

The American Psycho Patrick Bateman haircut does not have much variation throughout the film and sticks to the stylish slicked back.

Patrick Bateman haircut styles

It is a timeless hairstyle that suits men of any face shape and hair type as long as a hair spray, a pomade, and a brush are used to comb the hair up.

Sometimes, a hair dryer is needed to achieve a Patrick Bateman haircut. It should not be a problem for straight hair, but it can be challenging to manage for those of you with curly types without supplementary hair products.

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