NLE Choppa Dreads Haircut Styles to Rock

NLE Choppa, a.k.a Bryson Lashun Potts in real life and previously known as YNR Choppa, is one of the famous new American rappers who became known particularly from his platinum single Shotta Flow.

Aside from having a hit rap single and a beautifully-made rap name, NLE Choppa is an inspiration among people because of his styling, particularly his dreads.

Pencil-sized dreads from Bantu knots, high fade, shaved hair lines, and bleached ends characterize NLE Choppa’s dreads. Choppa’s hairstyle is easy to recreate; you only need to wash, dry, part, section, twist, twirl in Bantu, and release the hair!

The NLE Choppa dreads are semi-freeform dreads which means they formed partly with maintenance and partly on their own, as naturally as possible.

What is the NLE Choppa dreads name?

Before achieving the semi-freeform dreads, NLE Choppa’s curly hair is twisted in Bantu knots which would explain the ravishing cut.

A list of NLE Choppa dreads is only complete with the famous Bantu knots. Choppa twisted and wrapped his blue-colored strands in Bantu knots through a zigzag pattern.

NLE Bantu Knots


NLE Choppa Purple Dreads

When you want to get in line with the theme of an event or like to express yourself through colors, you can always cop the purple dreads similar to NLE Choppa.


NLE Choppa Blue Dreads

Other NLE-dyed dreads include thick dreads in color blue tips. Even though the dreads style is similar to the previous one, what makes this specific blue-dyed hair different are the high fade and slick hairline.


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