Nipsey Hussle Haircut Styles and Braids for Men & Women

Nipsey Hussle, was an American rapper, entrepreneur, and social justice advocate. It was not just his character and rapper identity that made him adored by many. It was also his known braids.

The Hussle braid was made famous by the rapper Nipsey Hussle, which he solely used a few years before his untimely death, including when his album Victory Lap got nominated during the 2018 Grammy Awards.

In celebrating the life of Nipsey Hussle, we don’t just end with saying all the good things he has done; it’s equally essential to talk about one of his legacies, the Nipsey Hussle braids.

The Hussle cut is called the Nipsey Hussle braids, as depicted by his iconic four-row vertical cornrows.

What is the Nipsey Hussle haircut called?

When you have the Hussle braids, you get to have a versatile styling that can pass in any casual and formal events because the style holds these characteristics: – Sleek – Modern – Neat or messy – Low-maintenance

His cornrows are medium-sized, but the clean partition and detailed tight braiding against the scalp are highlighted more in the styling.

Classic Nipsey Hussle Braids (Cornrows)


Hussle Ponytails

You’re mistaken if you think Nipsey Hussle is only about the braids. He also sported a low ponytail look, but it had to have his signature middle part.


Hussle Double Braids

Another style in the Nipsey Hussle braids list is the double braids, fondly known as pigtails. Pigtails with braids represent a youthful aura and a neat, professional-looking appeal for men, women, girls, and boys.


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