Lil Wayne Dreads: The Evolution of His Dreadlock Journey

Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr., or Weezy, started his career as a 12-year-old rapper with Cash Money Records, which was his record label until 2018. With Carter Jr.’s prominence in music, the evolution of his locs also gained attention from the media and fans.

Long matted dreadlocks define the Lil Wayne dreads with bleached styling. It was used in 1500 B.C.E but has been made famous up until this day by influencers like Lil Wayne.

His dreadlocks mainly suit Afro-textured hair, but others can still slay the look with assistance from locs experts. The Lil Wayne dreadlocks are easy to do: section, twist, and grow!

Lil Wayne’s hair is called the Lil Wayne dreads as it embodies the dreadlocks or locs with different sections styled in multiple ways.

What is the name of Lil Wayne’s dreads?

We can trace the dread’s existence to ancient Egypt, 1500 B.C.E, as it has been represented in sculptures of a female mummy in long dreads.

Weezy’s hair variations bring a different vibe to the table, as with his curly dreads fashion. This hairstyle gives volume and texture and is easy to pull off when you have perm rods or other curling equipment.

Lil Wayne Curly Dreads


Lil Wayne Braided Dreads

Before making it to the point of long and thick dreads, Weezy also sported braided dreads. With the proper technique and a styling gel or pomade, braids like french, fishtail, rope, and plait in dreads can be created.


Lil Wayne Short Dreads

As he wears this short-length cut, it provides comfort for the wearer because it’s much more beneficial for the scalp as its weight is almost half of a full-mature one.


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