Jay Jo Haircut Tutorial

Jo Ja-Hyun, commonly known as Jay Jo, is a fictional anime main character from a web-animated series Windbreaker. Jay Jo’s haircut was a hit among the male population, as his thick, medium to long hair length looks slick.

The exact mullet haircut that Jay Jo has fits individuals with medium to long hair length, thick hair, and a heart-shaped face.

In sporting the Windbreaker hairstyle, you need to grow your hair, search for the best hairdresser that will cut your hair in layers, color your hair black, and style it with pomade.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on what you need to do to get Jay Jo’s exact look in a mullet.

You can choose from the ear, chin, or shoulder hair lengths. If you are in a rush, a Hims Thick Fix hair shampoo can help you grow it out

First, grow your hair.


Second, let the barber cut your hair.

The whole point of the exact Jay Jo haircut is to shave the sides with a Remington T Series multi-groomer, applying a free-form technique for messy front bangs, long back parts, and multi-layers to achieve volume.


Third, color your hair.

If you really want the precise Jay Jo haircut, you need to dye your hair black.


Lastly, style it with hair pomade.

A hair pomade like the Baxter of California clay matte pomade can help you achieve a thick and slick Jay Jo haircut for steady wear.


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