Ja Morant Hair: A Full Guide on His Different Hairstyles

A Ja Morant hairstyle is free-form dreads creatively styled in thick braids, kamikaze twists, parted cornrows, locks, shorts, and ponytails.

Ja Morant made his hairstyle known to NBA fans as he innovated his dreads from his 2020 season to the present.

These styles are for those with oblong-shaped faces and Afro-textured hair characterized by upward curls.

Ja Morant’s rookie hairstyle was shoulder-length dreads. Based on a fan comment in a YouTube video, it’s the best dreads in the current list of NBA players.

Ja Morant Dreads


Ja Morant Braids

Braids on dreads are done swiftly with patterns, such as side-swept, halo, yarn, and Bantu knots, among others.


Ja Morant Twists

Two-strand twists are often used by individuals who have their dreads washed and retwisted or as a starter for dreadlocks.


Ja Morant Cornrows

With his Afro-textured hair, Morant sported the cornrows hairstyle during his first year as an NBA conference player.


Ja Morant Locs

Dreads and locs are visually similar. Yet, locs are more appropriate to the culture and lean more into the spiritual lifestyle rather than just hairstyle.


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