J Cole Hair Styles – Locs and Dreads Evolution and History

Jermaine Lamarr Cole, or J Cole as he is popularly known, is a rapper that’s been nominated multiple times in different award-winning bodies like the Grammy Awards and Billboard Music Awards.

It is not just his tag as one of the rappers who can top the charts that made him who he is, nor his catchy rap lyrics and song release; it is also his hair growth through the years.

We know how much you would love to get to know him from another viewpoint, so we’ll show and discuss with you 8 different J Cole hairstyles and their evolution.

He parades the J Cole dreads characterized by semi-freeform locs.

What is the J Cole hair name?

The semi-freeform locs is a styling technique for Afro-textured hair that entails less manipulation while promoting natural hair growth.

Tied in a pony with different sections of strands in front to achieve a picture-perfect look for interviews that closely shows off his facial features.

J Cole Dreads


J Cole Locs

These thick Afro locs closely resemble dreads, and in the ordinary eyes, they are of a similar look.


J Cole Freeform Locs

Freeform locs grow organically without much manipulation. Aside from its simplicity, freeform locs provide healthy hair because there will be little to no buildup of toxic chemicals on the head, which can cause itchiness and irritation.


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