Infant Black Baby Hairstyles for Short Hair

Afro hair from individuals of African heritage is known to have curls prone to matting with improper hair care procedures.

The reason behind keeping the black baby hair groomed is simple: to keep it from matting, drying, and dread.

Your infant, toddler, and preschooler baby girls with short haircut can have the style of their lifetime with these black baby hairstyles for short hair.

Sizzle your baby’s hairstyle with a braid and beads in one for their first haircut style! This fun hairstyle is perfect for keeping your baby’s strands away from their eyes to prevent eyesight issues.

Infant Black Baby Girl Hairstyles With Beads


Ponytail Hairstyles Infant Black Baby Girl Hairstyles

Presenting the curls in an adorable pony is the way to go when your baby girl has short shoulder-length hair. To make styles like this more creative, you can add cornrows on top and twist the curls.


Braids Infant Black Baby Girl Hairstyles

Your daughter in her toddler years can also rock swirling cornrows for their first haircut styles. Also, put some cute flower clips on your child to make them more charming!


Mini Afro Puffs Infant Black Baby’s Hairstyles

Pop it, lock it, polka dot it! A preschooler will enjoy her first haircut style with pops of afro puffs over her head and a matching dress (in polka dots or other prints).


Short Hair for Baby Girl With Cute Headband

Choose headbands for your babies to wear with gorgeous types that fit perfectly and rest comfortably around their heads.


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