How to Use Mousse on Straight Hair?


Hair mousse provides terrific benefits for straight hair, like adding a boost of volume and bringing back the gorgeous shine.

With a quick pump and a five-minute application, mousse makes hair look healthy and salon-beautiful every single day.


It’s a fan-favorite in the beauty community because it’s one of the only styles you can apply liberally without thinking about how heavy it will be on your head.

Yes, there is a correct way of using hair mousse. If you’re careless about how you apply it to your hair, you risk not reaping the full benefits of your mousse, so keep reading.

The correct way of applying hair mousse to straight hair


First, you want to start with clean and freshly washed hair. Putting mousse on dirty hair can just add to the product buildup already in your strands, which can weigh your hair down.


Make sure your hair is still a little damp (but not soaking wet!) before putting the mousse in. If you’ve towel-dried or air-dried your hair for a few minutes, you can use a leave-in to help get your hair back to its damp state.



Now, it’s time to apply. If you’re using mousse for the first time, spray a dollop of airy mousse into your hand, not directly into your scalp.


Next, you want to use your fingers to spread the product along with your roots. Make sure your mousse is spread evenly across your roots and that no area is wetter than another, as this may cause stiffness and crunchiness later on.



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