How to Use Foam Hair Rollers Overnight?

Foam hair rollers are spongy cylinders made of soft yet sturdy foam. You can wrap your hair around them to help get some waves and spirals, depending on how big you want your curl pattern to be.


These soft foam rollers absorb moisture from your freshly cleaned and conditioned hair while it’s curled up around each cylinder.

Keeping your foam rollers in throughout the night is highly recommended since you need to leave them in for about eight hours to let the curls set correctly anyway.


Your foam rollers will work best if you start with clean, moisturized, slightly damp hair. So part of your prep should be washing your hair before you go to bed.

Let your hair be damp and moisturized


Detangle with your fingers or a wide-toothed comb to make sure your hair is sleek and smooth. It also helps distribute any hair products you had put in for nourishment.

Let your hair be free of knots and tangles



You can either use your fingers for this or a trusty sectioning comb. Do small to medium sections of hair if you want tighter spirals, and bigger sections if you want a natural or sultry wave.

Appropriate section


When all your rollers are on, cover your head to ensure that your hair stays in place even if you roll around in bed as you sleep.

Roll up



In the morning, check to see if your hair is completely dry. You shouldn’t take out your hair from the rollers if your hair is still damp, lest you end up with frizzy, poofy curls.

Check in the morning


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