How to Fix Damaged Top Layer of Hair at Home

Damaged hair consists of cracks in the cuticle that leads to the opening of the same.

Once the cuticles are split open, they are more prone to damage and disaster. This is why damaged hair appears frizzy, dry, and all that.

But with time and by taking proper care of the hair, one can improve its condition and restore the feel. Let us begin by knowing the causes of damage.

Heat styling the hair is a popular trend among women. This also forms one of the biggest causes of damaging the hair. Curling, blow-drying, and straightening the hair opens up the hair cuticle making the hair porous.

Styling with Heat

Excessive use of chemical products leads to dry, brittle, and rough hair. Also, hair dyes, bleaching, and other products weaken the hair strands and cause them damage.

Chemical Treatment

Experts suggest deeply condition the hair as the top layer takes most of the abuse. By conditioning the hair, you can ensure that the top layer is smooth and silky.

How to Fix the Top Damaged Layer of Hair?

Oiling your hair should be at the top of your haircare regime. You can consider using coconut oil as it is nature’s excellent gift for your hair.

Hair Oil

Treat your damaged hair with a mask made by mixing honey and milk. The keratin content in honey strengthens the hair and reduces the damage.

Home-Made Masks for Repairing Damaged Hair Honey & Milk

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