How to Dye Hair Evenly with Roots 

If you’ve been thinking of dyeing your hair a new color but have roots that have a shade different from the rest of your tresses, you might be in trouble.


For example, if you have blonde hair with brunette roots from regrowth, dyeing it purple without making any prior changes will leave you with purple locks and brown hair up top.


Because of that, it’s essential to start with the same lightness and tone from the top to the bottom of your locks.

The key to getting the best dye job possible is to ensure your starting shade is consistent from root to tip.

How to even out your hair color before your dye job?


You need to cover up the white strands before anything else. Choose a hair dye with some ashiness, preferably one that’s similar to the lightness and tone of the rest of your hair.

Gray Roots


If you’re dealing with dark-colored roots on lighter hair, you need to lighten your regrowth so it matches the rest of your tresses. Bleach only your regrowth, being careful not to apply it to the rest of your hair that’s been dyed.

Dark-colored Roots

If you have light roots on darker hair, you can deepen the color of your roots as you normally would during your regular touch-ups.

Light Roots


When applying the color to your hair, one thing to remember is to dye the mid-shaft and tips of your hair first.

Dyeing your hair evenly from root to tip


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