How to Dye Blonde Hair Without It Going Green?

Hair experts explain that dying blonde hair turns green because of the nature of blonde hair.

Blonde hair is very porous in nature. This type of hair’s porosity means that it doesn’t have a lot of natural pigmentation, a characteristic that is needed to convert hair from one color to another properly.

Another important reason why blonde hair becomes green is that people bleach it in the process of dyeing.

Spend weeks consistently treating your hair by washing, conditioning and moisturizing it.

Step One: Begin by Prepping Your Hair


Hair expert’s advice that for unskilled home dye jobs, it is easier to dye blonde hair darker colors.

Step Two: Choose the Exact Shade You Want


Hair loses the ability to absorb dye when it is appropriately damaged. Pigment fillers are great for helping blonde hair absorb hair color.

Step Three: Choose Pigment Fillers


Once you notice that your hair is turning green, stop the dyeing process, and do not allow your hair to get dry.

Tips on How to Fix Blonde Hair That Has Turned Green?

Correcting the color of your dye begins with a reapplication of a neutral dye. The neutral coloring should have a similar volume and a neutral color to neutralize your green-tinted hair properly.

Reapply A Neutral Dye

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