How to Apply Henna Hair Dye for Gray Hair

Henna powder is a plant-based dye that comes from the henna leaf. If you’ve heard of “henna tattoos,” they use the same mixtures to create body art.

Henna hair dye is great for gray hair because of its natural anti-microbial properties and scalp-soothing effects. It also clings to gray hair strands easily and blends well.

Besides color, henna has multiple health benefits, such as anti-microbial properties, a cooling effect for dry scalps, and minimizing scalp acne.

You’ll need a couple of ingredients to mix into the henna powder. Black tea, apple cider vinegar or lemon juice, warm water, mixing bowl or glass bowl, gloves, and shower cap.

Prepare the Ingredients


Pour out the henna powder into the bowl. Assess if it’s the color you want. If not, mix henna powder with ingredients for color release (apple cider vinegar or lemon juice) to go darker.

Mix the Henna Powder with Ingredients


Gradually add the black tea into the henna mixture until it’s paste-like. You don’t have to pour the whole two cups if you already have the right consistency.


At this point, feel free to add in the oil if you’ve added a lot of the releasers. These could be drying, and a bit of oil can help – but not too much!


Let the henna paste sit out with the bowl covered. The color takes about 8 hours to release, or even more if you use dye release.


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