How Much 20 Volume Developer to Mix with Hair Color?

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Developers are creams that contain hydrogen peroxide, the chemical that activates your hair dye and makes it possible for the pigment to penetrate your hair fiber.

They help lift your cuticle open so that the actual dye can have room to enter and seep into the hair’s cortex. This is what makes the color last longer in your locks.

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If you don’t activate your hair dye with a matching developer, the pigments or color molecules would simply sit outside your hair strand instead of penetrating them.

Choosing the right volume of developer for you

There are different types and “levels” of a developer. These levels are called volumes, referring to the volume of hydrogen peroxide they contain. The most common developers come in thư volumes 10, 20, 30, or 40.

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The higher the number, the more peroxide it contains, and the stronger its effect on your hair. So 10 would have the slightest lift, and 40 will open your hair cuticles up the most, making it the most damaging of the four.

20 volume developer is what you should be looking for if you’re doing a regular dye job at home. It’s the most commonly used developer not just at home but also in salons.

How much 20 volume developer should you mix with dye?

One part color to two parts 20-volume developer is the most common ratio for this mixture, but you can’t forget that every developer is different.

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How many developers you should combine with your hair dye will differ according to each unique formulation, so you must take the instructions on the bottle to heart.

So you need to follow your specific developer’s instructions to a T for your own health and safety—and, of course, the best results from your dyeing process.

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