Hair Types: Mastering Care and Style for Your Unique Locks

My personal opinion as a hairdresser, the key to unlocking the perfect hair care routine lies in understanding your hair type.

I have met for many years in my hair salon people who do not know their hair type therefore they can not choose the correct product for them.

A celebrity hairstylist named Andre Walker came up with a hair typing system that would forever change the way we think about hair. – Type 1: straight – Type 2: wavy – Type 3: curly – Type 4: coily

What are the types of hair?

Let’s begin with straight hair, the type you often see in shampoo commercials. Straight hair has no natural curl pattern and tends to be sleek, shiny, and sometimes slippery.

Type 1: Straight Hair


Caring for straight hair

Use a clarifying shampoo and lightweight conditioner. A clarifying shampoo will effectively remove product buildup, while a lightweight conditioner will hydrate without weighing your hair down.

Wavy hair sits right between straight and curly, with a natural S-shaped pattern. It’s versatile and can easily be styled with a little help from the right products.

Type 2: Wavy Hair


Caring for wavy hair

Choose a sulfate-free shampoo and lightweight conditioner. Sulfate-free shampoos are gentler on your hair and scalp, while lightweight conditioners provide the necessary moisture without weighing down your waves.

Type 3: Curly Hair

Curly hair is full of life, with a definite curl pattern that forms ringlets or corkscrews. Its versatility and volume are enviable, but it does require some extra love and care.


Caring for curly hair

Opt for a sulfate-free shampoo and deep conditioner. Curly hair can be prone to dryness, so using a sulfate-free shampoo and a nourishing deep conditioner will help keep your curls hydrated and healthy.

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