Devin Booker New Haircut Styles & Ideas to Try

Devin Armani Booker was a standout, having his first NBA 40-point triple-double in Game 1 of the Western Finals against the Los Angeles Clippers. He’s also popular because of his natural curls and the burst fade hairstyles.

Short hair length, longer hair on top, and the iconic burst fade with a clean lineup and shape-up characterize the Devin Booker haircut.

Everyone can have this haircut regardless of hair type and face shape, as it complements Afro-texture and straight hair and balances diamond, heart, triangle, square, and oval face shapes.

Devin Booker’s hair dynamics have a volume of curls at the top, a fade around the ears, and a defined line that separates the face and the hairline (lineup).

Classic Devin Booker Haircut in Burst Fade


Booker’s Olympic Look with Burst Fade Haircut

Like the image of him spinning the ball, Devin Booker’s haircut is a buzz, where his head circumference is evenly trimmed (in short-length strands) using a clipper.


Devin Booker Curls with Fade Haircut

Aside from his experience on the basketball court, this Phoenix Suns starting guard also knows how to embrace his curls by letting them grow long at the top while not veering away from his signature haircut feature – the fade.


Devin Booker Afro with Shaved Style and Fade Haircut

Booker sizzled the classic cut, this time with a shaved style, a short curved line on the left side of his head, and a shape-up.


Young Devin Booker Burst Fade Haircut with Line

If you think that’s all Devin Booker has to offer for his hair, this basketball player can also put that shape-up in front to make him more dazzling, and for sure, an instant eye-catcher.


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