Chris Bumstead Haircut: A Guide to the CBum Mullet

The CBum mullet haircut is characterized by the classic mullet: long back hair and shorter hair at the front, crown, and sides.

Christopher Adam Bumstead, or Chris Bumstead or CBum, is a professional bodybuilder under the International Fitness and Bodybuilding Federation (IFBB).

Throughout his winning years, two things have stood out besides his classic physique: his mullet hairstyle with a taper fade and iconic mustache.

Starting this Chris Bumstead haircut list is his classical mullet with the following features: short wavy hair in the front, high fade on the sides, and relatively longer hair at the back.

CBum Mullet


The new Chris Bumstead haircut mullet is defined by short hair, unlike the classic one, with the presence of a mustache and a lack of a beard (facial hair).

Chris Bumstead New Haircut


This styling is an efficient technique to keep the curls steady while having the best appearance of waves. It creates a clear view of the bodybuilder’s neck, which is another thing that needs to be looked at by judges.

Chris Bumstead’s Haircut 2022


In November 2021, Chris Bumstead had his hair cut short, with a slicked-back look and low tapered sides.

CBum Haircut 2021


Chris Bumstead Quiff Haircut

A quiff haircut is known for having defined long hair on top and shorter or tapered sides.


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