Can Black People Get Lice in Their Hair?

Black people can also get head lice, however, they often get lesser lice infestations due to two main reasons. One is black people have tightly coiled strands and differently structured shafts.

African-American families often use petroleum jelly and conditioners when they recreate protective styles or other black hairstyles, which means they have soft and smooth strands.

We will give you all the information about head lice on Afro-textured hair, from their appearance, signs of infestation, getting rid of and preventing them.

It is similar to other men and women, as the lice have these characteristics: – Brown, white, or dark gray – With six legs – Oval-shaped

What Does Lice Look Like in African-American Hair?

– Visible head lice and lice eggs or nits on the hair shaft – Tickling sensation in the head – Itchiness and redness – Difficulty sleeping – Head, neck, and shoulder sores

The Signs of Head Lice

When you have lice on your head, itchiness is non-negotiable, and irritation and soreness come into play when you scratch it.

How to Get Rid of and Treat Head Lice in African-American Hair

First, thoroughly wet your hair with lukewarm water and wash your scalp with lice shampoos, such as the RID Daily Defense lice shampoo and conditioner.


Second, rinse the shampoo with lukewarm water.


Third, part the wet hair into sections using Goodofferplace parting rat tail combs.


Fourth, apply treatment for hair lice like the RID Super Max head lice treatment kit, or apply Permethrin lotion 1%, and leave it for 10 minutes.


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