Braided Hairstyles for Little Boys

Braided hairstyles are also for boys and should be taken care of by washing them once a week using natural hair products.

To create a braid that lasts for long periods (6-8 weeks), you must avoid alcohol, paraben, and synthetic dye components from shampoo.

You can sport different braids for your boys, like huge side braids, two braids with faded sides, cornrows, short braids in dutch or french, medium hair rattail braids, and more.

Half-braids like a fishtail braid for a little boy is visually appealing. Moreover, to spice up fishtail or fishbone braids for your little man, you can braid it up in the middle and put some shaved styles at the sides.

Fishtail Braid


Thin Mohawk Braid for Baby Boy’s Natural Hair

Like the image of him spinning the ball, Devin Booker’s haircut is a buzz, where his head circumference is evenly trimmed (in short-length strands) using a clipper.


Natural Twist Hairstyle

Natural hair in twists is an excellent way of protecting your young ones’ curls by locking in the moisture. It’s also easy to do as you only need to section the hair, get a small part, and twist it!


Funky Braid Styles

Protection for boys’ natural black hair is what funky short braids can offer. To do this, make a braid pattern at the center and seal it with a little boy bun (and fades!).


Back Crown Braid

Let your boys feel like a king with this back crown braid by parting the hair, doing two braids (dutch braids), and forming a circle. Then, tie it at the top to secure the crown.


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