Baby Hairstyles: Everything You Need to Know & 10 Cute Ideas

Styling and combing your daughter’s hair is important to brush off the dirt, untangle locks, prevent mattes, and lock in moisture.

You can have a baby girls hairstyle in many ways, like a French braid, pigtails, braided ponytails, cornrows, a headband, side and middle parts, buns, a cute tie and bow, and a curly ponytail.

Aside from styling, washing the cute little girl’s hair thrice a week with paraben-free and tear-free shampoo is essential to clean their scalps and strands. Here are some cute baby girl hairstyles and braided ideas.

One of the black baby girl styles that is easy to recreate is this short hairstyle which is parted with a tie and topped with a bow-shaped clip in pink.

Infant Black Baby Hairstyles for Short Hair


1-Year Baby Boy Hairstyle

For baby boys, nothing is more adorable than having their hairstyles neat from the short sides, with a bit of funk on it through the front hairstyles’ spikes.


Mixed Baby Girl Hairstyles

Gorgeous wavy hairstyles on kids need a big bun with dashes of braids and some hair loose on both sides for a trendy braided style.


Baby Boy Braided Hairstyles

If your kids have long hair and you want to tie it to keep it out of their faces, the better way to do that is through the sunrise cornrows hairstyle (or any other braids).


French Braids for Baby Girl’s Hair

Three-part French braids are one of the baby girl hairstyles’ staple as it gives a fun and creative strand-designing perspective.


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