Allen Iverson Braids Styles & Examples

Allen Iverson is an NBA legend from Virginia who was famous for his basketball skills and hairstyles.

Iverson braids follow the style of cornrows while incorporating several patterns to create a unique look.

Iverson braids work best with curly, coily, kinky, and textured hair.

The Allen Iverson braids take inspiration from the traditional cornrow braids worn by the Black community.

What is Allen Iverson’s hairstyle name?

These tight braids are used as a protective style for people with curly, coily, and textured hair. Cornrows are meant to protect the hair from loss of moisture and breakage. 

The zigzag Iverson braids is not the most simple style to wear. It leaves cool patterns on your head that scream SWAG and SOPHISTICATION.

Zigzag Iverson Braids


Fishbone Iverson Braids

It follows the classic cornrows. But the hair is braided horizontally instead of vertically. It also has two thick braids between the small horizontal braids.


Spider Iverson Braids

These braids are far from the simple pattern of cornrows. So, if you want a look that would make you STAND OUT, this could be the answer.


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