9 Iconic Dorothy Hamill Haircut Styles Throughout the Years

A Dorothy Hamill haircut is characterized by short blonde hair in a bob, pixie, or wedge, with layered style and full bangs.

This style complements any face shape and hair type; however, in Hamill’s case, it was a perfect balance for her diamond-shaped face and thick straight strands of hair.

It’s easy to replicate and style:  (1) all you need is to cut your hair in pixie, bob, or wedge length, (2) add volume through layers and sizzle with highlights, and (3) comb your hair to the style you want.

A list of the short Dorothy Hamill haircut is not complete without the pixie style. The pixie is as short as the wedge haircut and is similar in nature with its bangs and layers.

Short Dorothy Hamill Haircut


Dorothy Hamill Haircut 1980

In the 1980s, the Dorothy Hamill hairstyle was more concentrated on wedge cuts, as evident in what she’s wearing in the image. Yet, in the 80s, her styling leads more to long wedges.


Dorothy Hamill Haircut 1976

The goldenDorothy Hamill hairstyle would not be what it is if not for her famous style – the shorter yet volumized wedge cut. This style is often interchanged with a bob cut.


Dorothy Hamill Haircut Now (2022)

Recently, Dorothy Hamill is seen wearing a pixie cut style in a different look with her golden highlights and wispy bangs.


Dorothy Hamill Bob Haircut

Dorothy Hamill has also worn an amazing short bob style with a semi-side-curtain fringe peaking with all its layered dimensions.


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