9 Dashing Maluma Haircut Ideas, Styles, and Trends

The Maluma haircut is a faded cut where the back and sides are tapered short. Colombian singer Juan Luis Londoño Arias invented the Maluma hair trend.

Maluma’s music career peaked in 2012 as he released his first studio album, “Magia,” which became a gold record in Colombia and earned a Latin Grammy nomination for best artist.

He is widely known for his different hairstyles, ranging from buzz cuts, crew cuts, man buns, and more! The Maluma hairstyle is suitable for those with an evenly proportioned, square, or oval-shaped face.

Over the last few years, Juan Luis has had various styles, such as a crew cut, messy hair, and dyed pink and blue hair. However, in 2018, Maluma’s hair was frequently worn down, curly, or in a ponytail.

Maluma Long Hair


Buzz Cut Maluma Short Hair

If you want to have a low-maintenance and hassle-free style, buzz cuts are the best style you can opt for. Indeed, eyes will be laid on you after getting this style!


Fade Maluma Haircut

This Maluma’s hair screams a bad boy vibe because the hair is cut towards the top. Some say it is a work of art, and we couldn’t agree more because Maluma wore it BEST!


Taper Maluma Haircut

Hairstyles such as taper cuts present a mature persona because the cut direction follows a particular point or line.


Maluma Haircut Mohawk

While some of his mohawks have a gradual taper fade across the sides, others have little to no side hair.


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