44 Peekaboo Highlights Ideas for Any Hair Color

Peekaboo hair (also known as underlights or under hair dye) is a coloring technique that involves applying a contrasting color to a small section of hair, usually a few strands, to create a subtle, playful effect.

The contrasting color is typically hidden under the top layer of hair, so it is only visible when it is styled or moved in a certain way. Peekaboo hair is popular among those who want to add a touch of color to their hairstyle without committing to a full dye job.

The technique can be used to create a range of looks, from subtle to bold, depending on the colors chosen and the amount of hair that is colored.

Blonde hair + blue highlights can definitely give you a dramatic look with highly contrasting tones.

Blonde Hair With Blue Peekaboo Highlights


Blonde Peekaboo Highlights on Brown Hair

Brown hair matched with ash blonde tones is a great reminiscent of frappuccino!


Blonde Peekaboo Highlights on Dark Hair

Give that plain black hair with a lighter ash blonde contrast.


Purple Peekaboo Highlights on Blonde Hair

Purple highlights look pretty vivid with a blonde base.


Peekaboo Hair Blonde and Brown

Brown hair appears chic-er as it interchanges with luscious blonde highlights.


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