36 Mohawk Haircut Styles & Ideas Anyone Can Rock

The classic hawk has clean, shaved sides with a longer middle section, while faux styles have a burst fade. Mohawks were first worn by Native Americans as a symbol of power and courage.

This cut likely fits square-shaped faces. It can be sported by people with curly, straight, thick, and fine hairs.

To do the classic cut, you only need to section the side and middle parts, trim, shave, and style.

The classic mohawk cut has plainly shaved sides with a quite thin section of hair left in the middle. You can sport this with short hair, but it can also go with long styles.

Shaved Mohawk Haircut


Mohawk Indian Haircut

One of the first tribes who was found to wear mohawks were North Americans (Indians). To symbolize courage, they shave the sides of their head and leave a long portion of hair in the middle. But in some tribes, their mohawks are shorter.


Faux Mohawk Haircut

The faux mohawk is different from the classic styles. A faux mohawk has burst fade sides instead of the traditional shaved sides.


Mohawk Fade Haircut

A mohawk fade haircut exhibits a burst fade that starts from short hair, slowly fading out as it approaches the area near the ear.


Blended Mohawk Haircut

A blended cut is another kind of mohawk fade. But, the fade on this hairstyle blends in from the top towards the bottom, and slowly transitions to other facial hair (beard).


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