34 Suave Mexican Haircut Styles & Ideas for Men

Mexican haircuts for men combine classic haircuts and new styling.

Mexican hairstyles are great for those with curly hair and thick hair, both qualities usually found in Mexican hair, but they can look incredibly cool on anyone.

Mexican hairstyles vary as Mexican men have different tastes, but the one that may immediately come to mind is the Edgar haircut.

Many consider this classic to be the coolest Mexican haircut, and for good reasons. The styling is timeless and carefree, while the fringe is fashionable yet not overwhelming.

Mexican Edgar Haircut


High Fade Haircut Mexican

High-fade Mexican hairstyles involve bringing the clippers above the temple for a higher blend that comes up almost to the top.


Low Fade Haircut Mexican

A low fade hairstyle keeps the blend of the fade close to the ear, giving it a vibe that is reminiscent of a buzz cut.


Mexican Taper Fade Haircut

A taper fade will only show up by the temple and the hairline. The hair near the ear is only trimmed for a stylish and polished look.


Fade Mohawk  Haircut Mexican

Specifically called a burst fade mohawk, this variation of the taper fade keeps the hair at the neckline longer while the hair near the ears gets the classic seamless blend of a high fade.


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