29 Cool & Trendy eBoy Haircut Styles & Ideas

The eBoy haircut is typically known to describe medium-length hair with a middle part. The eBoy haircut was first known as the curtain haircut in the 1990s.

The eBoy haircut suits any face shape and hair type: short hair, long hair, medium-length hair, straight hair, curly hair, or wavy hair. Check out our 29 ideas to help you choose your next hairstyle.

It was characterized by its suave appearance. It was a defined center-parted hairstyle on sleek hair that fell around the ears.

One way down the traditional eBoy route is the softboy hairstyle. A slightly messy appearance can help you achieve the soft kind of eBoy look.

Softboy eBoy Haircut


Grunge eBoy Haircut

For a more CLASSIC grunge aesthetic, you can try to pull off a long, silky straight eBoy hairstyle.


Modern Curtain eBoy Haircut

Any variation of the eBoy hairstyle is modern. One way to do this for your curtain bangs is to push them to the side so a few hair strands occasionally grazes your eyes just so.


eBoy Mushroom Haircut

A mushroom cut is a kind of style where your hair is the same length around your head. This is a low-maintenance cut since you don’t need products like styling cream to fix it.


Short Curtain Hair

As long as you can do a middle part, and the hair falls to the sides, then it’s an eBoy hairstyle. That means you shouldn’t have a problem pulling it off with short hair.


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