24 Amazing Wolf Cut Hairstyles for All Genders & Hair Types

The wolf haircut is a mix of a mullet and shag. The wolf haircut was first a topic of interest in the early 2000s when Kim Byung Ji wore it to the soccer field.

The wolf cut suits everyone, regardless if your hair is straight, wavy, curly, long, or short.

You can style your own wolf haircut using good hair products (like texturizing spray), a round brush, a curling iron, and a blow dryer. But you can also ask a hairdresser to do it for $20 to $50.

The classic of the classics gives off the typical messy and tousled style.

Classic Wolf Cut


Messy Wolf Cut

This is a unique but still trendy wolf cut that has a lot of choppy layers. It also has fuller bangs and longer face-framing strands of hair.


Tamed Wolf Cut

If you’re not ready for the wild way a typical wolf cut looks, a tamed version has a more relaxed look. This is because the hair around your crown isn’t as voluminous.


Thin Midi Wolf Cut

This works well for those with fine hair since the way it is styled gives the illusion of a more voluminous wolf haircut.


Shaved Wolf Cut

Shaving the sides makes for an edgier look. It will also highlight the volume and fullness of your hair — especially the crown.


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