19 Takuache Haircut – Stand Out with Unique Look

The takuache haircut is also known as the Edgar haircut, el cuh haircut, takuache cuh haircut, or a hood bowl. It became one of the trending hairstyles as meme content.

Its origin is traced back to Mexico, given its association with young Mexican men who love wearing expensive Mexican apparel, love pickup trucks, and listen to trap music.

The takuache hair is definitely a style for EVERYONE. Don’t let the haters stop you from getting this hairstyle just because it’s dubbed as the “most hated haircut.”

High fades are great to pair with a takuache haircut. It is a good way to highlight the top and blunt bangs, plus the razor-sharp edges.

High Fade Takuache Haircut


Low Fade Takuache Haircut

A low fade, on the other hand, turns the takuache into a bowl-like cut. The fade curves from the sharp edges in the front down towards the neck.


Mid Fade Takuache Haircut

A mid-fade gives you the best of both worlds between low and high fades. It’s a clean look, especially with short hair.


Drop Fade Takuache Haircut

Incorporating drop fade in this hairstyle greatly represents a classic takuache haircut, and it similarly mimics a hood bowl cut.


Takuache Haircut Fade Edgar Cut

This classic Edgar haircut sports a fade on the side. As you can see, the short fringe bangs and the top section of the hair look neat and prominent.


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