15 Cute Mixed Baby Girl Hairstyles & How to Care for Them

A mixed baby has a hair type different from the rest as it is characterized by curly and straight hairs in one, which makes it prone to root-breaking.

To keep your little ladies hairs’ clean and moisturized, you must wash it twice to thrice a week with products that have fruit extracts, essential oils, and natural ingredients.

Avoid using mineral oil, petroleum jelly, and alcohol to make your biracial baby’s strand healthy.

This can be your toddlers’ go-to as it takes away the strands from their faces to prevent pain from hair-poking or clear the way for a hairless playtime.

Short Mixed Baby Girl Hairstyles


Braiding like this is essential for a child’s curly hair as it can protect their fibers by locking in moisture.

1-Year-Old Mixed Baby Girls Hairstyles


High ponytail with braids is easy to do and highlights your little one’s look, adding to their happy-go-lucky personality. For this style, all you need are brushes and ties!

Cute Mixed Baby Girl Hairstyles


Infants’ short hair often gets in the way of their vision, which means this bun-and-clip hairstyle can help them out.

Infant Bicultural Baby Girls Hairstyles


For red-haired beauties, shades of pink and mauve are great choices for makeup. These colors look especially stunning with red hair, as they bring out the warm tones in your locks.

Curly Hair Baby Girls Hairstyles


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