10 Regular Haircut Styles for Men

The regular or standard haircut is detailed by short, long, or medium-length cuts and styled with short sides, comb-over style, crew cut, Ivy League fade, taper, buzz cut, and side part.

The vast choices of regular haircuts are suitable for any face shape and hair type: round, oval, square, diamond, heart, triangle-shaped, straight, or wavy hair.

Sporting this haircut is easy; you must wash and dry your hair, cut, add layers and highlights, and comb over for a stylish appeal.

As they say, you can never go wrong with a classic pompadour for a regular haircut. A pompadour hairstyle is a style appearance that screams volume, variation, and cleanliness.

Classic Regular Haircut


Men’s Regular Haircut

Another timeless regular haircut is a side part which is also a gentleman’s look, like Zac Efron. In styling a side part, some men use the comb-over method, where you brush the hair on top similarly to its natural direction.


Boys Buzz Cut  Regular Haircut

The buzz cut is easy to maintain, wherein you can go outside without combing as you’ll still look prepared for casual or formal parties.


Tight Fade Ivy League Regular Haircut

An Ivy League cut has long hair on top, a shorter crown, and a high fade that closely resembles a faux hawk.


Medium Thick Hair Regular Haircut

No one does sleek, swept-back waves better than Chris Hemsworth. Sweeping your hair to the back, or doing a comb-over, will bring elegance and drama into your look.


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