10 Fabulous Lisa Rinna Haircuts and Hairstyles to Try Out

A Lisa Rinna haircut is fashioned in short and long hair styled in layers to emphasize the facial features and add to the illusion of the hair’s volume and piecey texture.

This hairstyle is sported by the American actress Lisa Rinna in the 90s before debuting in the Days of Our Lives and, until today, in the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion (Season 12).

The styles under the Lisa haircuts are for every face and hair type, yet, it is perfect for those with a square-shaped face and thin hair.

This haircut is characterized by layered cuts from the cheekbone level of the hair with beautifully-cut tresses and dark brown roots.

Short Layered Haircut With Highlights


Feathered Hairstyle

A feathered hairstyle with light brown streaks and dark roots will give you volume, texture, and a shiny finish!


Shag Haircut With Brown and Golden Highlights

The shag haircut, one of the Lisa Rinna hairstyles, looks like a combination of layered and feathered hairstyles.


Medium Length Lisa Rinna Haircut

A Lisa Rinna hairstyle compilation is not complete without her medium-span haircut. What sizzled this hairstyle up was when Lisa Rinna painted it blonde!


Lisa Rinna Haircut Fine Hair

You need a sassy Lisa Rinna hairstyle when you have fine hair, depicted by thin and light hair strands. It doesn’t matter if you have short or long hair; make sure your stylist gives you the dimensions and LOADS of it.


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