Vichy Idealia Skin Sleep Review

Long overdue post since the product was launched in April, but nevertheless, here it is. My review of Vichy Idealia Skin Sleep Night Recovery Gel-Balm. As per usual, let’s see what Vichy says about this cream:

SKIN TYPE: Dry, Normal, Combination

SKIN CONCERN:Dryness, Dullness, Loss Of Elasticity & Firmness

Discover the restorative power of a good night’s sleep on the skin. Our advanced night treatment helps mimic skin’s key repair activity during the deep sleep period. In just one week, skin is visibly smoother, more luminous, and rested-looking. A poor night’s sleep is typically written all over your face. Visible signs include a dull complexion, uneven skin tone, reduced skin elasticity, and overall tired-looking features. Idéalia Skin Sleep’s formula helps mimic the results of a good night’s sleep on skin. Complexion is more even and illuminated, pores are visibly reduced, and features appear more rested overall. Over time, see fresher, more healthy-looking skin. Fresh balm-in-gel texture envelops and deeply nourishes skin without heaviness. Allergy-tested. Formulated for sensitive skin. Tested under dermatological control.

The product comes in a 50 mL nicely designed pink plastic packaging. The lid is reflecting, so you can use it like a mirror. It’s very well made, so it’s easy to close and it doesn’t leak. Some may find it a bit unhygienic because you have to dip your fingers into the product, but I usually use it right after I wash my face so my fingers aren’t dirty. Or you can always use spatula (or a mini spoon). It costs 28,50 eur on

Product has a gel-like texture, just as described, and a strong flowery scent, which is not annoying, but it’s there.

I must say that when my skin looks dull, this product is an instant fix. I was thinking that I’m crazy when I noticed the difference after the first use, but then I saw other bloggers’ reviews and they noticed the same! My skin in the morning looks radiant, nourished, healthy – just so plumped and fresh! The only problem I have with it is, that if I use it more than 2 nights in a row, it clogs my pores and causes me breakouts. The solution for me is, obviously, not to use it every night, but that is OK as I already have a certain routine where I’m rotating three products.

Eventhough I have this ‘little problem’ with it, I’d still recommend it to anyone who does not have a problematic or sensitive skin (alcohols and perfume might cause an irritation), because the results are seen so fast and it just does what it promises. It works!