Things You Should Know about Tanning Lotions with Bronzer

The concept of using bronzers is prevalent. It helps to enhance the color of the tan and enrich the tone. Many of the moisturizers are available in the market which contains bronzers in it. These lotions are beneficial for the people who don’t get any UV exposure or the people who tan outdoors as well as indoors. Bronzers usually give a healthy glow to your skin when used daily. Bronzers are temporary nut if used daily; it may provide a healthy tan color with no/less exposure to the sun. The quality of the tanning lotions with bronzers depends upon the brand and the ingredients used in it.

Tanning Lotions with Bronzer

There are different types of tanning lotions with bronzers. These lotions usually help the skin appear darker and add a darker tone to the tan. There is more than one type in the market, and more importantly, they are safe to use as well as works well to darken the skin. Bronzers are very easy to use, but the user has to be careful during the application.


These make the tan darker after use. The lotions with bronzers help to give a darker tone in very less time and less exposure to the sun. Exposure to the sun generally increases the risk of skin cancer, and the bronzer slightly reduces the risk. SPF usually is very smaller to block the rays of the sun’s UVA and UVB, but in some amount, bronzer helps protect your skin from the sun. For indoor and less exposure to the sun, the lotions with bronzers are the best option to get darker skin with less effort. The regular use of the bronzer will result in faster dark skin with less exposure.


Typically, natural pigments or dihydroxyacetone (DHA) is present in the bronzers. DHA is safe to use, and it’s also an effective way to darken your skin. DHA comes from sugarcane. Natural pigments usually dye your skin, which is not harmful, and it works on the top layer of your skin. On the other hand, DHA cause a chemical reaction. When this reaction gets exposed to the protein in the skin then the skin color tends to become dark.


There are no risks in using tanning lotions with bronzer. But take care during the application of the bronzer as the sloppy lotions can cause the uneven application. Remember, lotions that contain bronzer can decolorize the fabric. Avoid the contact of the fabric with the bronzer as it leaves a pigment on it before washing it. Wear a dark-colored fabric and avoid over-application of the bronzer as it may ruin your cloth.

Important Notes

Allow your bronzer to stay for more than 7 hours. Bronzer starts to penetrate your skin after 8 hours to get that tanned color after its application. To get quicker results, keep your bronzer on your skin. Do not forget to wash your hands thoroughly after applying your lotion with bronzer. If you avoid, then your palms may turn orange.


Exposure to the sun is harmful. UVA and UVB rays are the main reason for skin cancer. Do not go out of your house when the sun is at its peak. Avoid the exposure of sun to prevent ay skin damages. Tanning lotions with bronzers will help you to darken your skin, but more exposure to the sun may cause severe damage.

According to many dermatologists, lotions with SPF 15 and above are very effective in preventing the damage. Many tanning lotion brands contain more than 15 SPF, which helps to avoid more damage to your skin and helps your skin get darker. You can even get the sunless tans with the help of these lotions due to the presence of bronzers in it. Choose the lotions which contain natural ingredients.